Monday, June 09, 2008

recent drawings

some works from my sketchbook the crane and flowers have a smoke haze in the background from a candle. The tree study is from a memory of my time at Skidaway May 31 in honor of Pyar

aloe print

the markings are from an aloe plant after cutting and laying down each of the ends onto paper the color is truly amazing it begins a lemon yellow and turns this beautiful crimson when dry

along Barnard Street

Paul and I were walking from Church along Barnard Street when we saw this egg in the grass it was nestled in this papertowel like a new nest and a grave - the light was perfect at 4pm when I returned

looking up

corner of whitaker and perry

orleans square

one of the stems seemed to wilt with the weight of the blossoms
june 8

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wilmington Beach Inlet Sketch

sketch of Wilmington Beach Inlet
spring break 2008

Flowers in the Square

june 3 orleans square

Sketch of Author Michael Cunningham

author Michael Cunningham gave a talk at Trinity UMC June 3 this is my sketch of him talking and his notes on the left