Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Works

Small Lime
watercolor on paper

This study is for our friend Kubo Sensei. She has a tree outside her lovely home with many of these little limes. I am not sure of their name in Japanese. They are great for making juice and squeezing over bean burritos. We had a wonderful meal with the Kubo Family and as one of our many gifts, we got to bring home a whole bag of these!

Small Lime Study
pencil on paper

Two Beavers
(aka Terrel and Jerence)
pencil on paper

I told Pyar about my comic idea for my drawing of two beavers and showed him a drawing a little different than this final piece. Like always, Pyar was encouraging and let me finish it the way I wanted. He added some great text, to see his comic, go to

thanks boolovey

Mystery Me, Self Portrait from the Past
pencil on paper

Someone recently told me that we share a common experience from my past. It was an awful reminder of how I have put myself in unhealthy situations. This was me, masked and in solitude with flowers waiting to grow. Now, I am grateful that my gardens are in full bloom.
Thanks be to God.

Library Card Series

Birds and Scissors

Flowers in Birthday Harmony

Library Card Series


Owl on Branch

Grrrr Scissors

Blossoming Tea

Blossoming Tree

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Library Card Series

Balancing Bicycle

5" x 3" mixed media
Jessica gave me some library cards from discarded books. I erased some of the entries and painted over other entries before stamping the designs.

One of my fondest memories was waiting for my Dad at the law library at George Washington University in D.C. What certainly must have been only a few minutes to exchange books felt like hours to a six year old. Honestly, I do not remember how old I was but I do remember the treat of pickles at the corner deli afterwards.

Counting Elephants

Carolina's Tree

Library Card Series

Octopus on Bubbles

Directional Tree

Along Numbers

Camera on Flowers

Pushing Happy Birthday Block