Friday, December 18, 2009


Henry paint on black stamp, 2" x 2" (approximately)

Using your own drawing for carving a stamp is pretty wonderful. My work space is small and confining here in Tanabe and thus my studio work has gotten smaller. I have loved the process of making duplicates for many years now and continue to explore the notion of originality in a print. I have been doing this through both color and surface mostly - until this piece. I knew that the dog's face represented a special spirit, but in different colors and on different surfaces she seemed to morph beautifully into a free spirit image that is becoming all of the dogs I know and have known. The original dog drawing was of "Ellie"enjoying her new found wind. Now, in stamp form and with some Henry spots she is reminiscent of my fairy goddog, Henry. In blue with a black outline and some delicate eyes she resembles "Bailey" and in other colors and sizes the spirit of my many of my very special dog friends.

New Works - stamps I carved from my drawings

Baby Chick in black, 2" x 2" (approximately)

Baby Chick on yellow, 2" x 2" (approximately)

Danielle's Penquin in black, 2" x 2" (approximately)

Tora the Tiger, 2" x 2" (approximately)

Baby Seal in black, 2" x 2" (approximately)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sketches from Cape Tenjenzaki

Boats at Cape Tenjenzaki
Pyar and I cannot get enough of this place. We went this past weekend and worked together.
I used the .4 ink pen and later moved the ink around to create some washes.

boats' sketch at the Cape

Baby Animals Series - paintings on wood circles

frog on tree

Lewis Walking

Brown Dog for Carolina

Red Bunny for J

Red Frog

I have been making linoleum blocks from some of my baby animal drawings. The previous post was of the animals on wood circles as paintings. I really wanted to be able to duplicate them in different media, color and sizes of panels. The challenge is working in reverse, literally. I sometimes squeal in excitement and sometimes with frustration, because once you cut, you can not add back to the linoleum. I really like the process. I do not have a press nor inks with brayers to use, so my options are somewhat limited, though a pretty wonderful process.

New Works

Rocks at Cape Tenjenzaki
I used a damp brush and moved the ink around from the previous drawing, see below to create stronger lights/darks and a clearer passage. Pyar bought me a few in different colors so I am eager to try the other pens.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Works

Cape Tenjenzaki, October 2009 study in pen

For Pyar
Cape Tenjenzaki, October 2009 watercolor and pen study

New Works

Lewis the Polar Bear, painting on wood

rabbit, painting on wood

sitting polar bear, painting on wood

three trees in Tanabe, painting on wood

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cape Tenjinzaki, Tanabe, Japan

Cape Tenjinzaki, watercolor
The cape is about a twenty minute bike ride from our home. Pyar and I enjoy watching the sunsets and birds while listening to the water. We had a wonderful day drawing together. His ink drawing is on his website - see "September 23 Five Day Weekends are Never Long Enough"

Tanabe Drawings

Tanabe City Street in ink

Tanabe City Street in pencil

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flowers for Nancy

Painting for Nancy
mixed media on cradled wood
16" x 20"

Stawberry Phenomenon

three in one

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Annie Rockwell's Orchids

Badger for Micke

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Magnolia Boats

Some petals were gently manipulated to created drawings of sorts on the surface. It only takes a few minutes for the petal to darken where it has been pressed.

Magnolia Boats

Magnolia Boats

Magnolia Boats

Magnolia Boats