Friday, January 23, 2009


Pair Encircled oil on cradled masonite 2008

Encircled oil on cradled masonite 2008

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 2009 Dailies

january 11
pile of laundry inspiration for mountains
for Pyar

january 10
(now that I am confident about my hiragana, sensei introduces katakana!)

January 2009 Dailies

january 9

january 8

january 7

january 6

january 5

January 2009 Dailies

january 4
part II

january 4

january 3

january 2
Mountains Inspiration

January 1
(have a cold, cant see straight or think)

December Dailies

December 31

December 30

December 29
Kitty, Martha and Libby inspired doodles

December 28
One Day

December Dailies

December 27

December 26
Dad's Birthday Trees from memory

December 25
Celebrated Christmas

December 24
notes about wedding while sitting in the airport part II

December 24
notes about wedding while sitting in the airport part I

December Dailies

December 23
My comfort - Pyar

December 22

December 21

December 20

December 19

December Haiti Dailies

December 18
The day we left, wrapping paper from my Noelle gift and a piece of homework notes I found on the ground of the Village of Hope School

December 17
Sharing and playing cards at the picnic table, Hope House, Haiti

December Haiti Dailies

December 16 Notes

December 16
drawing from memory of day

December 15
Garden of Rocks at Hope House

December 14
Banana Tree at Hope House

December 13
The day we arrived to Haiti
Trees and Rocks
(obsession continues but forever changed)

December 12 Daily - Dailies wont be the same

December 12
List of packing and what to do before Haiti Trip
Life will forever change - how do I document this?

December Dailies

December 11

December 10

December 9

December 8

December 7
Living Room/Space

December 6 Daily, Our Engagement Recorded

December 6
Our Engagement

December 2008 Dailies

December 5 Kevin's Office Space

December 4

December 3

December 2

December 1
Mountain Dreams of Pyar

Monday, January 12, 2009

November Dailies

November 30 2008
drawing of lanterns in another sea

November 29 2008
Wormsloe from memory

November 28 2008
Wormsloe with Jewel and Pyar