Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Works

Small Lime
watercolor on paper

This study is for our friend Kubo Sensei. She has a tree outside her lovely home with many of these little limes. I am not sure of their name in Japanese. They are great for making juice and squeezing over bean burritos. We had a wonderful meal with the Kubo Family and as one of our many gifts, we got to bring home a whole bag of these!

Small Lime Study
pencil on paper

Two Beavers
(aka Terrel and Jerence)
pencil on paper

I told Pyar about my comic idea for my drawing of two beavers and showed him a drawing a little different than this final piece. Like always, Pyar was encouraging and let me finish it the way I wanted. He added some great text, to see his comic, go to

thanks boolovey

Mystery Me, Self Portrait from the Past
pencil on paper

Someone recently told me that we share a common experience from my past. It was an awful reminder of how I have put myself in unhealthy situations. This was me, masked and in solitude with flowers waiting to grow. Now, I am grateful that my gardens are in full bloom.
Thanks be to God.

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pyaranderson said...

The little sack of flour head is a really beautiful portrait of yourself. I tear up sometimes, thinking about how sweet and delicate you are--how complex. I love this drawing of yourself.