Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shirahama's Goonies Rocks

Sunset for Lindsay Hadley
acrylic on wood disc

Pyar and I have an amazing view from our apartment's balcony. Since we first arrived we often watch the sun change along this portion of the sky. The rocks across the bay are at Shirahama. We think they look like the "Goonies" rocks from Astoria, Oregon.

Mouse for Eri

Eri's Mouse
pencil on paper

I drew this mouse for Eri's birthday. Her Chinese Zodiac is the nezumi. This is my fourth drawing of the mouse for friend's birthdays. I also know many tigers whose birthdays are coming up shortly. The collection has evolved from my original idea of making stamps for each animal, that will be the next step.

Conor's Birthday English Counting Book

The "I Can See" Counting Book
This is a KOLO photo album that I used to make a counting book for Conor.

Inside cover of book, I used store bought number stamps for this page and the cover. The rest of the numbers in the book have number stamps that I carved. The number stamps are rather small, and thus a real challenge to carve.

Maeby is Conor's dog friend
This stamp is actually my dog friend named Ellie who has posed for many cameos.
Since Ellie has iconic dogness, she posed for Maeby's portrait.

Conor's Birthday English Counting Book

Conor's Birthday English Counting Book

the English counting story

I can see one dog named Maeby and two bicycles
and three monkeys and four elephants
and five rabbits with six pandas and
seven balls of yarn and an octopus with eight legs
and nine pencils with ten piglets
having a tea party in Savannah.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rogue River Gorge

Rogue River Cliff with Trees study
pen and ink

We visited the Rogue River on Monday of our wonderful vacation in Oregon. I was standing at an overhang/outlook and spent a few minutes trying to get all of the beautiful textures on the cliff. I especially love how the trees seem to hover over the sides while growing out of the lava rocks. It was an incredible view and a wonderful day.


This guy was at my feet while I was drawing the cliff study featured above. It moved quickly, this was literally a ten second gesture. I think I captured its squirrel like movements.

Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport Red Chairs in Sun

We flew home the week before last to visit family in Oregon. This was about a twenty minute study. The light on the red was absolutely gorgeous.
I was especially drawn to the reflections on the floor.