Friday, August 21, 2009

Dailies 2008 - 2009

Bubble Conversations
mixed media on cradled wood
16" x 20"

This painting marks the last phase of my year of Dailies - most of which are documented chronologically, however, I have not posted the year in full. It was a year test, to make a drawing or a painting a day, and I succeeded. Rules changed and purpose wavered, but the goal is complete. I began the endeavor from a quote “you can do anything for a year”. This statement was given as advice to a friend deciding to attend graduate school. I took the advice myself and engaged in the daily practice of drawing/painting each day. Now, I am in Tanabe, Japan heeding my own advice again - this time by committing to the JET program with a minimum year contract. This blog will continue to serve as a site for posting works and may soon reveal all of the dailies – so please return to view often.

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Unknown said...

your work is captivating.

so much love for you,