Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Works

Crevasse for Pyar

Snow study done in Ashland Oregon.

Pair of Pandas

I have been creating studies of animals, baby animals and animal faces for sometime now. Recently, I have used the studies to make stamps out of a rubber that I carve. This study turned out to be a kind of interesting play on gestures with the different expressions that I was drawing. I think the faces and blankets says it all.


I drew this in Ashland Oregon. I spent a lovely afternoon at the Shangria La Spa and talked to the owners about their new lives working out of their home. They let me know that they have four chickens and how they compost and generally have less waste now. I began to imagine what it might be like to live with chickens and get to know them. Here is my depiction of one thinking about living with me.

Birds in Ink washes

I have been exploring this method of using inks since arriving in Japan. I pool some water on the watercolor paper in a shape that I have drawn lightly in pencil. Then I drop in amounts of ink with a brush and allow it to reticulate in a pattern that I sometime manipulate further.

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