Thursday, November 25, 2010


Trinity UMC, Savannah, Georgia
watercolor on strathmore
5" x 12"

I made this watercolor for Trinity Church's new website banner.

Trinity United Methodist Church is located on Telfair Square in Savannah, Georgia. I wanted to capture the glow of God's work here and its amazing members. It is situated between the Jepson Center and The Telfair Museum of Art. Trinity Church's members and the Pastor, Reverend Enoch Hendry made Savannah my home for many years. It is one of my all time favorite places in the world because of the people. It was the first Church I visited in all of my life that welcomed me in the most heartfelt way. I was not asked my age or if I was married or why I was there, simply loved. They are a big part of my family and life. An arena to work out your faith, a must see and do when in Savannah, Georgia.

Sketch/Study for Trinity UMC watercolor

Takahara Kirinosato

We have many favorite places in Japan, and this beautiful place is in the top three. Kirinosato is a beautiful bed and breakfast in the mountains along the Kumano Kodo, only about a 4o minute bus ride from our home. This scene is from the outside deck looking down a short distance. The leaves are a lovely golden yellow and many shades of red. I tried to capture the season and mood through color and gesture.

Circle in Blue with Lotus
mixed media

I used the painting Circle in Blue to experiment with the platinum stamp pad and
my new lotus stamp.

Among Friends
mixed media
20cm x 20cm

I reworked this painting from May and finally feel it is resolved.

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pyaranderson said...

Now I'm curious. What are our other two top places in Japan?