Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Stamps and Drawing in January

Tree at Misu Elementary School
ink in journal

I went to Misu E.S. on Friday by bus. Usually, I ride my bike a distance that the bus travels in about 30 minutes. The bike ride helps me clear my head and prepare for the day. I took the bus due to the extremely cold weather. Luckily, I met Carolina, my colleague on the bus whose smile lifted my spirits. Now, two reasons to take the bus to Misu E.S. The day was superb, unusually so, not sure how to describe it exactly, just that God was at work and I did not get in the way. This drawing was done in about ten minutes waiting for the bus after school. The tree is isolated at the end of the playground field fence. I think it is an Ume tree. (plum) I really loved the shape in the branches and the textures and light from my vantage point.

Nezumi Birthday Card for Tamai Sensei
stamped postcard

Counting Sheep Library Card Series
especially for Kennis
mixed media on recycled library card


pyaranderson said...

OMYG! The little mouse is on top of all that stuff! And the sheep looks like it's powering up and blasting all those other sheep out of the way. Awesome.

pom said...

Hi Cynthia,

Is there a chance I could use your Counting Sheep Library Card for little or no money on a concert poster / flyer for an amateur choir in The Netherlands? I can of course print your url on it but I'm not sure if that is of much use so far away...

Pyar and Cynthia said...

Hi Pom, thank you for asking!! I am flattered. You are welcome to use the image. Let me know if you need another size. I am not sure how to message you, so just leaving a comment. hope it gets to you.