Sunday, April 24, 2011


Snowpeas on the Vine
sketch in journal

Today is Easter.
I have many fond memories of Easter sunrise service at Trinity UMC in Savannah. We would gather early Easter morning in Telfair Square to celebrate. I loved hearing the message from Enoch, the dulcimer from Woody and feeling the dew on my toes, the morning chill, hugs from Ann, smiles of friends, the amazing breakfast and coffee that followed.

Later, UMYF would help to hide eggs for the little ones to find after the 11 o'clock service. Coran, Kurtis and Jonathan climbed trees to find good hiding places. We enjoyed placing some in the middle of the grass for the youngest to find. We would even decorate Paul Maree, who would hold as still as possible with cupped hands and bent elbows so we could decorate him as our tree. It was a blast. This Easter, I had the honor of picking snowpeas in Gobo, a nearby town. Friends gathered to glean the fields of the Hashimoto family. We were one of several groups who came out this season and the harvest was bountiful. It was challenging to leave because we could see many more sweet, light green bundles ready for harvest.

Helping a neighbor in need, I found myself helped more than I knew I needed. Thank you.

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