Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stamps on Origami Rabbits

Cabbage Rabbits
stamped origami paper rabbit
I have enjoyed making origami with Jessica's wonderful guidance. Here I stamped the rabbits after I folded the paper, a different look from prior attempts when I stamped the paper prior to folding the origami designs.

New Stamps and Drawing in January

Tree at Misu Elementary School
ink in journal

I went to Misu E.S. on Friday by bus. Usually, I ride my bike a distance that the bus travels in about 30 minutes. The bike ride helps me clear my head and prepare for the day. I took the bus due to the extremely cold weather. Luckily, I met Carolina, my colleague on the bus whose smile lifted my spirits. Now, two reasons to take the bus to Misu E.S. The day was superb, unusually so, not sure how to describe it exactly, just that God was at work and I did not get in the way. This drawing was done in about ten minutes waiting for the bus after school. The tree is isolated at the end of the playground field fence. I think it is an Ume tree. (plum) I really loved the shape in the branches and the textures and light from my vantage point.

Nezumi Birthday Card for Tamai Sensei
stamped postcard

Counting Sheep Library Card Series
especially for Kennis
mixed media on recycled library card

New Stamps made in January

Sadou (Tea Ceremony) with Haya Elementary School
stamped postcard

I had the pleasure of enjoying tea ceremony with members of Haya E.S. The ceremony was hosted by teachers in kimonos. It was very formal and beautiful. This is my thank you note.

Sheep for Kennis
stamped postcard

Lotus and Cabbage
stamped postcard

Whirlygigs and Higanbana
stamped postcard

Rabbit Omedetou 2011 Library Series
stamped library card with ink drawing

Sunday, January 02, 2011

December Artwork Continued and Happy New Year

Study of Long Tails, Koh Nangyuan, Thailand
pencil in journal
December 29, 2010

Our vacation in Thailand was amazing, no less. I do not know how to describe the experience in its entirety just yet. Overall, heartbreaking and stunning. Here are some studies that I did while we were on the island Koh Nangyuan. I am looking down from our balcony for all three of these studies. Long tails are colorful boats with outbound motors, usually used as taxis. The bay was filled with them through the day. The front of the boats had a variety of colored tassels and flags. Because they moved quickly, turning around with new passengers, I had only seconds to capture the gestures, a great time for study.

Study, edge of Koh Tao, Turtle Island
watercolor and pen in sketchbook

Rocks Along the Dock at Koh Nangyuan
pencil in sketchbook

I made this drawing after three pages of long tail studies. The studies got me warmed up and I found the rocks to be wonderfully intriguing. The water lapping the edges and the sun defining the lines along the water made for an interesting afternoon of study. Rocks are one of my favorite subjects along with trees, now rocks with water ranks as a favorite. Just the day before the water of the Sea of Thailand and I had met each other in the Lomprayah High Speed Cadamaran meant to take people to paradise from Chumphon City. Usually it is a fast and comfortable one and a half hour ride. This one was eternity since my aneron (nausea medication) had worn off after the six hour bus ride. The sea was rough, very rough. During this drawing session from our balcony, I once again revered the water. Luckily our ride back to the mainland was a beautifully smooth aneron filled two hours.