Sunday, March 07, 2010

Documenting Recent Trips

Momo Trees in Shinjo
watercolor sketch
I thought I was painting ume trees (plum trees). Turns out that the ume trees have the white blossoms and the momo trees (peach trees) are the pink ones. I have three schools in Shinjo. The area is beautiful, there are many momo and ume trees blossoming.

pencil sketch
I drew this last Sunday from the window of our bed and breakfast. Pyar wanted to hike before our morning bus and I stayed to draw. We hiked along the Kumano Kodo the day before and enjoyed the onsen at the B&B.

Palms at Kushimoto
pencil sketch with station stamp on the back of page
This sketch is from the outside of the Judokan where Pyar and Carolina had their belt tests. I was nervous before hand and thus stayed outside to relax and draw.

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