Wednesday, March 31, 2010


watercolor on bristol
9" x 12"
The act of viewing sakura blossoms this time of year is called Hanami. The blossoms are stunning and smell amazing. We have even had sakura icecream! The blossoms in Tanabe are nearly complete and in full bloom now in Kyoto. We visited Kyoto on Saturday with Tim and Lindsay. We toured the city by bike, it was a blast. I highly recommend renting bikes for any vacation. The trees line the Kamo river in Kyoto and are definitely a must see!!


Unknown said...

This is so beautiful.

Looks like this means that we will miss the blossoms?

Mary Anderson said...

The blossoming of the fruit trees here in Ashland has been happening off and on due to our extended winter. Right now half the trees are in bloom and bautiful while the other half came out in February. Walking among the blooms does give a special feeling to the heart. I love the delicate pinks with shades of turquoise in your painting....looks like a kimono painting.