Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Stamp Collection

handmade stamp on journal cover

Pyar bought me a white stamp pad that is made for many surfaces. I really like embellishing my journals and notebooks with flower patterns.

School of Kue
handmade stamp on paper

Kue Fish
handmade stamp on paper

The Kue fish is famous in Shirahama, a neighboring town. When I asked Jessica what the name of it is she told me kue and said "and it is ugly." I asked for the name in order to look up some photos. I had seen banners and heard rumors of the famed fish. He definitely is angry, if not ugly. The photos of them swimming though are lovely, they have a gray to black body and very light mottling down their sides, like stripes.

Air Mail
handmade stamp on paper

The Post Office in Japan affixes tiny stickers to my mail unless I write 'air mail' myself. I do not like the stickers and often forget to write the message. So, here is my solution.

handmade stamp on paper

Pyar introduced me to the Russian Folktale of Babayaga. At first, I thought of a witch that looked like a chicken, but I misheard the story. I rather like the idea of a house on chicken legs, I could migrate at my leisure.

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