Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Artwork and notes

Note about March artwork postings.
March has been a wonderful month of painting. I am making new acrylic paintings of Tanabe from my sketches and photographs. I have been painting on similar wood discs that I have posted with paintings and stamped images. I really like the small and roundish format for this series of works about Tanabe since the discs are indicative of Japanese culture. I am not posting the paintings as they are finished since I will exhibit them in a show with Pyar in June. Pyar and I are creating a show called "Two Years in Tanabe" and exhibiting at a friend's cafe. She has a great cake shop with an adjacent cafe. The artwork displayed rotates every month. We are honored for this opportunity from the Yamamoto family. I will post all of the paintings from the show in my June posts.

Lewis's Rock Garden Reflections
(Library Card Series)
handmade stamp on reused library card

I have been reflecting on our time here in Japan and the recent earthquake, tsunami and power plant disasters. We are so very grateful to live in Tanabe, safe and healthy though very sad for the people affected. It is amazing how close it feels since we had our small tsunami in Tanabe on the same day, March 11.

A Favorite Tree
pencil and ink on paper

pencil and ink on paper

I have been experimenting with combining media. This is one of my favorite results, in person, the flower seems metallic.

March Stamp Collection

Baby Face Piglet for Yuki

handmade stamp on paper

My friend Yuki really likes pigs. I made the stamp for her as a gift. Pyar cut a piece of cork to affix to the back as a holder. We surprised ourselves with the solution. It was a fun gift for a very nice friend.
Omedetou Yuki San!!

March Stamp Collection

handmade stamp on journal cover

Pyar bought me a white stamp pad that is made for many surfaces. I really like embellishing my journals and notebooks with flower patterns.

School of Kue
handmade stamp on paper

Kue Fish
handmade stamp on paper

The Kue fish is famous in Shirahama, a neighboring town. When I asked Jessica what the name of it is she told me kue and said "and it is ugly." I asked for the name in order to look up some photos. I had seen banners and heard rumors of the famed fish. He definitely is angry, if not ugly. The photos of them swimming though are lovely, they have a gray to black body and very light mottling down their sides, like stripes.

Air Mail
handmade stamp on paper

The Post Office in Japan affixes tiny stickers to my mail unless I write 'air mail' myself. I do not like the stickers and often forget to write the message. So, here is my solution.

handmade stamp on paper

Pyar introduced me to the Russian Folktale of Babayaga. At first, I thought of a witch that looked like a chicken, but I misheard the story. I rather like the idea of a house on chicken legs, I could migrate at my leisure.