Tuesday, January 17, 2012

May the Cupcakes Unite

Cupcakes Unite (working sketch)
pencil in sketchbook

I imagined many cupcakes and looked at photos of ones online until, I caved.  I went to the Coop and bought cupcakes to study, and hopefully not eat.  I know that I work best when looking at my subject in its purest form, but I did not want to be tempted.  It all turned out fine, I have the finished painting below and Grandma  Voe had two cupcakes for her dessert. 

Cupcakes Unite
acrylic on cradled panel
6" x 6"

I am getting to know a special person in Ashland.  When we met the other day we talked about our individual health concerns and histories.  She confided that she had just had a double mastectomy and has plans to get her replacements during surgery tomorrow.  She termed her replacements as 'cupcakes' and we laughed and joked about other names we have used.  Her boldness made me feel loved, I knew she felt safe.  And thus, these cupcakes are for that friend.  I purposely painted them to coordinate and not be identical.  The most difficult thing for me to draw is the second eye and thus, I knew duplicating a cupcake centimeters from its partner was not a task I wanted to try to accomplish.   
So, the pair speak volumes about our own desires for that perfect match and that perfect set. 

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