Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chinese Zodiac

Atsuko's Mouse
I have been attempting to make etegami in the last week. Etegami is a beautiful traditional Japanese art form. My first attempt at combining words with a painting was somewhat successful, though I wrote the Japanese incorrectly and in the wrong direction, I liked the painting. So, with that thought, I am beginning the series of the Chinese Zodiac with etegami. This first one is for my amazing teacher, Atsuko. She and I squealed a bit like mice when we learned that we are the same zodiac. For now, it is simply a painting, I have to work up the nerve to write in Japanese alongside the mouse for my Japanese teacher.

1 comment:

Mary Anderson said...

Love the new blue mouse friend. I can see him riding on the back of the wild turkey in our yard. Is there a turkey in the Japanese zodiac?