Friday, April 30, 2010

Etegami at the Drawing Stage

Mushrooms from Akizugawa

My students and teacher, Kojima Sensei grow mushrooms at their school, Akizugawa Elementary School. It is a wonderful place, they have a rice field, sakura, ume, many flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables. The Elementary School and the Junior High School are beside each other and share the land. I made this drawing for Kojima Sensei who with the fifth and sixth graders showed me how they grow mushrooms and let me pick some.

Sawabe's Strawberry

This drawing is of a strawberry from Sawabe's garden. They are beautiful and delicious. I help in the garden sometimes and am constantly amazed how the fruits and vegetables grow in such a short time and taste amazing.

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Mary Anderson said...

I like the etagami, very elegant, delicate, and graceful.