Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fishing Fisherman Fish and Fish Tags for Jessica

Fishing with Prices
watercolor and ink
Jessica, Steve and I ate lunch on Thursday at Akihei, my new favorite restaurant. On our walk back to the office, we passed a corner fish market. Jessica remarked about the fish having prices on them - there are single small pieces of paper with numbers that rest on the fish's side indicating its price. Choi, as Steve likes to call her, said something like, I imagine the fish coming up with prices already on them and the fisherman determines if he wants the fish based on the tag. We laughed and mimicked what the fisherman might say upon seeing the tags on his catch. Later, I was thinking of this remark and sketched an idea for an illustration. Pyar and I had seen a print in Yuuasa that we both liked of a fisherman on top of an enormous fish. I have been thinking about the print since, and thus here is my take on both ideas.
Thank you, Jessica.

Study for Fishing with Prices

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Mary Anderson said...

Illustrations for a mythic tale unfolding!