Friday, May 14, 2010

Golden Week - drawing outside

Waterfalls at Akizugawa with Dragonfly
ink on paper

Pyar and I went exploring on our bicycles to the river near one of my schools. This spot is looking down from a rock onto a place where there were three small waterfalls. The dragonflies would fly around and land for a few moments, I tried to draw one several times. So, here I added an attempt of capturing the dragonfly with the water along the rocks. This was almost an hour of drawing on location, once home, I used a brush to move the ink around and make the water surface.

Bridge at River Study
ink and pencil on paper

This is from the same spot I drew Waterfalls at Akizugawa with Dragonfly. For this study, I was looking up at the red bridge. My view was breathtaking and a difficult study to capture the moment. Occasionally a family or some people would walk along the bridge to view the bigger waterfall and springs. This area is one of our favorite places.

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