Friday, May 14, 2010

Painting for Takumi and studies

Among Friends
mixed media on wood
20cm x 20cm

A painting for Takumi. He is a blossom among the people he touches. This painting is symbolic of both Takumi and Theo. I am honored to be touched by both of them.

Circle in Blue
mixed media
10cm x 10cm

This is a painting that began as a study for Among Friends. Due to our new location and language, I am having to modify my studio practices to accommodate the supply of art materials that I can find here in Tanabe. I really was not certain how some would support or react to each other, so this study began.

mixed media on wood
10cm x 10cm

Maru is Japanese for circle. I painted the hiragana in sumi to see if it would bind to the acrylic. This painting like Circle in Blue was a study for Among Friends.

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