Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank you notes

for Yuki and Yoshihiro

Yuki and her husband Yoshihiro gave us a bag of the most delicious oranges the other day. I am not sure what variety they are called, but delicious comes to mind. Yoshihiro is a farmer in the area and graciously gives his fruits to friends and family. We were also blessed with some of Yoshihiro's friends local honey. I made biscuits the next day.

for Sawabe san

Sawabe's family has farms in Tanabe and we are blessed with many of their fruits. This variety is the kind with the thicker skin and an almost grapefruit flavor. If you peel it just right it is the best afternoon treat.

for Obasan

Atsuko's Mom is a lovely woman. We enjoyed lunch and a BBQ at their home May 2. While we were sitting at the kitchen table we noticed a butterfly outside the window and I noticed our her eyes lit up, this is a simple thank you for her.

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