Friday, June 18, 2010

Friends on Bicycle Series

Bicycle Friends, Crow
inked stamps on paper

This is Alison's alter ego in Pyar's comic, Crow and Puppy.

It is also a favorite of Dad Lewis.
The crows in Tanabe are very clever and playful. We have watched them in the garden below playing games, literally. One to four will be in the garden at a time, some pick up rocks and drop them from a hill or the wall to watch them roll and sometimes another crow will pick up the rock and do the same. They also love the plastic growing containers that Sawabe san leaves in his garden as markers. We have seen them pick them up and with a scooping motion toss them up in the air and then jump on them for more fun. It is a riot.

Bicycle Friends, Octopus - For Timmy
inked stamps on paper

Certainly everyone wants to ride a bicycle, and who better equipped than a beautiful creature with eight legs?

Bicycle Friends, Inoshishi
inked stamps on paper

The inoshishi is like the wild boar in America. They are striped when they are young and have very sweet faces. When older, they can weigh more than an average man and some people consider them pests, others, dinner.
We like to look at them. We have not seen any in Tanabe proper, but certainly are around in the wooded areas.

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Betsy said...

These are wonderful! I'm in a band called Croaker, and we're playing a show at a bike shop -- I found this post when I did a Google Image Search for "crow and bicycle". Would you consider letting us use that picture for a flyer, and how much would you charge?