Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Many Friends Postcard

Clever Karasu
inked stamps on postcard

Crow finds herself in all kinds of situations.

Many Friends on Fude (brush)
inked stamps on postcard

The fude stamp was inspired by friend Michiyo san. She is an amazing artist and uses a variety of brushes for her sumi ink works.


Unknown said...

Dear Ms White (formal is a good way to start a conversation ),
with strangers),

I stumbled on your work as with so many other great finds on the web and wanted to take a moment to tell how how much I love your work and especially the "Many Friends Postcard" series (creatures on bikes).

I'd love to be able to get a set for framing - they would dress up the bike gallery very nicely.
Please let me know if they're available.


Luciano Gonzales (luciano@earthlink.net)

Pyar and Cynthia said...

Hello Dear Luciano Gonzales,
I emailed you several times, but they were returned.
I really appreciate your comments and would like to connect with you for your bike gallery.
Please email me at