Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Study of Opal
In honor of the Turkeys on Timberlake Drive
watercolor on paper

Opal is a beautiful white turkey with very intelligent eyes. I have tried my best to capture her spirit. I have to browse the internet for some of my images. Needless to say, I usually dread searching for source photos for my baby animal series. This time, I lucked upon a blog by Tracy H. . Her blog is http://diggingthroughthedirt.blogspot.com/ the photographs and stories of animals are amazing and real. And though the reality makes me cringe each time I try an image search for an animal reference, this Reality is that for a brief moment - I get to see, read, learn and enjoy live animal stories that are incredibly heartwarming and moving. Opal is one of those stories - Thank you Tracy H.

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