Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sketches from Trip to Koyasan, Osaka and Nara

Okunoin Sketch
pen in sketchbook

Okunoin is Japan's largest cemetery. We have been there with friends about three or four times. It is one of Pyar's favorite places to take photos. I like to draw while walking. I first attempted this on the bus ride to Osaka in the last few months. I get car sick when I look anywhere else but the road ahead, so I started to draw in a kind of modified blind contour style. I liked the outcome, so I have been trying it in other ways. Here, I walked and drew so the scenery continued to change, just like on the bus, but I could stop when I found something interesting. Don't worry Mom, I walk very slow.

Okunoin Sketch II
pen in sketchbook

same method as above

Sketch at Osaka Station
pen in sketchbook

The trains come every few moments, so I had an automatic time limit to get the essence of the drawing and not fuss with details. It was fun.

Sketch at Osaka Station II
Salary Man
pen in sketchbook

Sketch at Osaka Station III
pen in sketchbook

This student had three large bags she had to carry. I was interested in how the straps draped her arms as she held two of the bags on her hip.

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