Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Two Years in Tanabe Exhibition

Two Years in Tanabe
collected works of Pyar Anderson and Cynthia White

We are exhibiting our works at Le Cafe Mail this month. The cafe is a great space with beautiful walls and an airy feeling. Pyar has 19 prints of his paintings framed in the show. I have many handmade stamps printed on wood pieces and the following paintings in the show (some featured in earlier posts). We are thrilled how the show came together. It was difficult for me to choose the pieces that are exhibited since I wanted to show the broadest array of works done in Tanabe while capturing a sense of place. However, I feel really good about how our works enhance each other as well as how the pieces depict our lives in Japan.

Special thanks to
the Yamamoto family for their space at Le Cafe Mail
Maren and Hans who so graciously helped us hang the works
and to all of our family and friends for their love and support

acrylic on wood
various size about 3" round

Tenjinzaki No Fune
acrylic on wood
various size about 3" round

Kumano Kodo
acrylic on wood
various size about 5" round

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pyaranderson said...

They look great baby! Woop woop!