Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sketches from Trip to Koyasan, Osaka and Nara

Bus to Tanabe from Osaka, Ant Style
pen in sketchbook

I have been placing my pen on a sketchbook page while riding in buses lately. I periodically look to adjust and add accordingly. Since I get motion sick, I only look for a few moments periodically. I am calling it "Ant Style" since the mark moves along the paper in a seemingly purposeless manner, but in fact it is full of purpose.
(I just don't know the meaning). I like the effect.

Bus to Osaka from Tanabe
pen in sketchbook

Ant style.

Nara Park Study
pencil in sketchbook

We rested in the shade along the edge of a pond in Nara. The turtles sunbathed and the pigeons begged for food. The turtles, fish and pigeons would get fed by people at the corner we happened to choose to relax. It was fascinating how close the animals came to the people feeding them, much like the deer of Nara, very docile.

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