Sunday, October 09, 2011

August Artwork

Trees of Mystery (study)
pencil in sketchbook

Gold Beach, August 20
pen (slow drawing while riding)

I get extremely motion sick on anything that moves. It is annoying. However, I now take aneron for relief, and it works. It gives me so much relief that I can draw while riding in the car. I draw and only look at my paper periodically. I draw slow and allow the motion of the car to dictate the marks. Sometimes I make additions later, like in this drawing. The right side is the slow riding drawing and most of the rocks and water were added at a later point.

Fig Study
pencil in sketchbook

Sometimes, I pick up Pyar from work. On this day, August 17, he had to work late. Thus, I took the opportunity to make a drawing of this fig. Joseph gave it to me from his garden. He lives near Triangle Park in Ashland and hosts people for WOOF. The fig was delicious.

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