Sunday, October 09, 2011

August Artwork

Riding to Portland
pen in sketchbook (slow drawing)

Western Hemlock, Fesler Grove, Simpson Reed Discovery Trail
pen in sketchbook

This is a quick study, about five minutes. This trail is magnificent. We walked beside along many old redwoods was amazing. I just did not feel that I could capture the majesty of the redwood's grandeur. So, I started smaller.

Otter Point at Sunset, August 23
pen in sketchbook

I took some solo time to make a quick sketch at Otter Point, while the family was taking sunset photographs. I was startled when Lindsay came up to see what I was drawing. It was near the edge of the point, so she quickly grabbed my shoulders to keep me steady. There certainly was no real danger, but I am so lucky to have such a quick thinking friend, thank you Lindsay.

Drinking Tea and Listening
pen in sketchbook

Pyar, Tim, Lindsay and I had a great afternoon at the Portland Chinese Gardens.

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Anonymous said...

I may need a copy of this one. :)