Sunday, October 09, 2011

August time, October thoughts, "My Re-Route"

Late posts are not my plan - posting my artwork from August and September in October was not my plan.
Reverse culture shock was not my plan, so I am calling it my 're-route'.

Pyar and I returned to the U.S. on July 27. I uploaded my July artwork in Japan, thrilled with my timeliness. I anticipated keeping up with my blog, art, life, friends and 'the must do's' while experiencing the return. I had no idea it would be as intense as it became. We were only minutes in San Francisco when we met our friends, Mick and Belen at the airport. It was a wonderful opportunity to immediately share and decompress. We toured the area and set out for Yosemite the next day. I was in awe. The beauty and life of the area and our friends had me entranced. We made our way north to our new home in Ashland the following day. We were immediately busy with moving and adjusting. We are staying with our family in a beautiful home surrounded by trees that overlook a lake and mountains. It is more than a blessing to call this place home - and with family. I was feeling easy and more in love with life. Within days, it hit me, hard. We were not returning to Japan. We were not just on a vacation. We had returned home, here, to stay. Japan was our home for two amazing years. I want a bridge to bridge the gap. Japan is too far away. I miss my students, my friends, our lives. My yearning had just begun.

August was packed with Jewel and Paul's wedding, a trip to Portland for sightseeing and a workshop (career informing). It was great, and full, and very busy. September brought many wonderful days of making memories and creating new traditions with family and new friends. Pyar and I spent some time exploring and visited some of his favorite spots, like Silver Falls State Park. (drawings in September post) I went to Florida September 18 - 28. Spending time with my immediate family was magnificent and made me feel even more at home, feeling more complete, somehow. Pyar met me at the airport in Portland for our next adventure, Walla Walla, Washington, for his college reunion. We enjoyed a fun weekend with dear friends. I like learning more about Pyar by experiences with his friends and favorite places. We left Walla Walla refreshed and exhausted. It was a raining Sunday when we dropped our Drew off in Portland. The weekend was etched with great memories and we were ready for our next adventure. Still raining as we entered the area that was to be our home for the next two days, I took in a deep, nature filled, clean, pine breath and exhaled, gently. Pyar took my hand and showed me to a lovely cottage along the Mackenzie River, his surprise. No tent in the rain, I thought, I could not have been more thrilled. With each day, we have new blessings, and new breaths. Memories of our friends and families in Japan and Florida and Oregon are mine to visit when I desire. I am more at home now than I have felt in a long time, in my heart. Thank you, Pyar.

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Suzanne said...

Hi Cynthia!

I love the cloud paintings ... really beautiful!

Welcome back to the states. What wonderful adventures you have had!

Oregon must be beautiful right now. Here in Tucson we are still waiting for temps to cool. I plan to go up to Mt. Lemon (elev. 9000' +) tomorrow to hike and escape the heat for the day.

I know I had your email at some point, but I can't seem to find it now. I would love to catch up with you! I can be reached at

Take care ...